John Dunn – Licensed Art Psychotherapist


John Dunn, MA, LCPAT, ATR-BC

I am a licensed, registered and board certified art psychotherapist working in Annapolis, Maryland.  I have over 15 years experience working in the public mental health system serving adolescents, adults and the elderly with a wide variety of clinical diagnoses. It was there that I experienced how art therapy can transform peoples’ lives. I saw people with severe mental illnesses gain pleasure, meaning, new direction, and enthusiasm for life through experience with the art therapy process.

Now, in private practice, I enjoy helping people cope with the effects of trauma, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and to help navigate sometimes difficult life transitions.  I am especially interested in providing emotional and psychological support for people seeking sustainable weight loss solutions.  Research has shown that people trying to lose weight and keep the weight off most often fail (yo yo dieting) due to emotional reasons – not a lack of willpower.  Through a combination of discovering and coping with emotional triggers, encouraging a healthy attitude and relationship with food, education on healthy eating and food addictions, along with tapping into personal creativity and intuition – a sustainable and healthy weight loss and then maintenance program can become a reality.

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